Picture this—a life long friendship that started out as a blind investment, add in a hint of life's mixed spices, and finally top it off with a twist of fate and Well! there you have it—Fresh Start Gourmet. For us, food is not just our passion but rather it's our motivation to design products that will gain the acceptance of every palate. Starting from Fresh and Forgetting the Scratch is how we came to exist, it's how we learned from our past, and it's how we aim to succeed in the future. And while founded on the basis of Faith, Fortune, & Freedom, FRESH START GOURMET embraces three (3) simple beliefs:

1. Our FAITH: Provide Great Food—period.
2. Our FORTUNE: Always Uphold the Highest Quality—period.
3. Our FREEDOM: Feed the People & Appeal to Every Eccentric Taste—period.

Our aim is not to sustain a business for years to come, but rather grow beyond compare amongst the people of the world. Faith, Fortune, & Freedom - at FRESH START GOURMET, Quality Starts Here!